Monday, December 19, 2011

headbands for Christmas gift

Hi All! I've been wanting to apologise for the lack of updates lately... I have a serious problem with my sleep time, I sleep a lot! fiuhhhh.... and it made ​​me unable to finish orders on weekdays
Last Saturday I finally decided to have completed all orders for the coming Christmas. I made a lot of headbands, and of course make new creations as well, and the good news is all the headbands already have their new owner:)
the colorful batik headband
the new creation^^
too lazy to think of its name, would you help me plizzz??:p

info praktis NOVA

some of my DIY projects for NOVA at the end of year^^

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

7 weeks...

pregnancy...  yes! me! expecting!^^ it is really end of year surprise... hubby and I were very happy with the news, and of course the brother to be too... Ryu will have his 4th birthday tomorrow, and I think he's so ready to become big bro:)
talking about ryu's 4th birthday, this year he's gonna celebrate it with the family, granma is also here in town till christmas, yeay^^ and for the friends at school, I prepare candies and pinwheels.
The pinwheels were very easy, you can see the tutorial here. you only need colorful pencils, patterned paper, and thumbtacks:)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

one year old TOSCABERRIES!

it is so late in the afternoon to realize today is my blogversary! I prepare nothing for the birthday, but you know I love love love ya!^^ Happy birthday my dearest blog!!! send me gifts anyone??? ^lol^
here i share gift wrapping ideas from martha stewart, check it out!

Monday, November 14, 2011

weekend project: origami ring pillow

Lanis, a very good friend of me n husband, will get married next week. days ago she sent me over a piece of lurik fabric in a very juicy color, with her invitation too. the invitation which also a favor was gorgeous, designed and produced by Lanis herself. details written on the first page of a blank notebook, and it is beautifully covered with lurik fabric. very talented isn't she?^^
this was my first time working with lurik. this stripey fabric is quite uncommon for ring pillow, but so excited with this project. the stripes somehow give such formal, neat, and stiff effect, but that's the uniqueness of this fabric, so I decided to not make pleats or things that hide its character. I thought of something sweet and beautiful but has clear lines... and the answer was origami. fold n sew and hoppla! I was sooo satisfied with the final look, hope Lanis and Asaf too^^ we will be there at ur big day dear, HUGS!

note: if you're interested with lanis invitation, u can contact me to have her number^^

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

will be on DAAI tv - house and living

it was last month when Yane from DAAI contact me via facebook. asked if I mind to share posy medallion DIY at the House and Living program. I am actually very nervous with the request, but eventually I went into the studio last week for taping. 
I went there alone with the things, and picked up by a friendly driver from DAAI tv. shorten the stories, all goes well..., I was greatly helped by the presence of Tiara, the host, she made me forgot to nervous:)
and... my anxiety is not over, now I'm waiting for the tape to be aired, at november 13th or 20th... surely it will be weird seeing me myself up on the screen:p
Tiara, me and Yane^^ thanks both of you for this experience, BIG HUG!
and thank you soooo much to my box of posiesssss... you have made ​​me through many fun and surprising things^^

Thursday, November 3, 2011

info praktis NOVA

again, contribute for Nova, the latest special edition for idul adha, I make an apron this time, for 3-5 yo girls. This apron is hand sewed, so you can still make it though you dont have sewing machine^^
and I have this also! found it in my picture folder this morning.
I tried to remember why I did not post about this hijab pin. after seeing the date of issue, hmm ... must be because ryu's nanny were off for Eid al-Fitr day:) it was a coincidence I found this DIY project before Eid al-Adha day, happy eid al-adha to my friends who celebrate^^
If both tutorials are not clear enough, you can write to me for sure, I'll try my best to explain better.

Friday, October 21, 2011

trashes to beauties

a bit too much with the title, lol:p just want to show you the thingies actually, they're rags, bottle caps, and broken t-shirt.
turn to new collection of posy medallion, shawlace, bow, and clips^^ they are trash accessories, but they're clean I promise!^^

Thursday, October 13, 2011

cylinder pouch

a new pouch for myself to keep my posy medallion... very very very untidy seams:p but so happy to finish it finally, fiuhhh! *long breathe. I think next time I have to make pattern first before making things, not by estimation as I did last night... I hope my next cylinder pouch will have better shape and look:D
I make new posy medallions too, the single one n also triple. Happy thursday.

Monday, October 10, 2011

on tobucil handmade^^

I'm so happy for being interviewed by mas Nunuw from tobucil n klabs, I copy and repost it from here.

Dini Hari Bersama Toscaberries

Apa sebenarnya hubungan paling signifikan antara handmade dan musik? Tentu agak sulit mencari kemesraaan yang terjalin di antara keduanya. Lalu apa hubungannya antara Toscaberries dan Cranberries? Nah, kalau yang ini sudah barang tentu agak memiliki konektivitas yang ajeb-ajeb. Toscaberries adalah penggemar Cranberries yang senang membuat karya-karya handmade. Ah, lalu apa hubungannya Cranberries dengan tulisan kali ini? Silakan pikirkan sendiri, hahaha. Well, yang pasti, kali ini kita kedatangan seorang perempuan bernama Regina Haryanti sang penggagas Toscaberries. Pertemuan kami melalui dunia maya nyaris selalu terjadi pada dini hari. Dan pada dini hari yang paling seksi yang pernah saya temui, saya pun menguntai kembali kata demi kata dari percakapan subuh tersebut…

Kenapa, sih, dinamain Toscaberries? Kenapa enggak Blackberry, hehehe…
Toscaberries itu sebenarnya adalah nama yang saya pakai sebagai nickname untuk chatting di jaman saya sekolah dulu. Saya sangat mengidolakan grup band Cranberries dan sangat suka warna tosca, sehingga kalo digabung hasilnya adalah TOSCABERRIES:D Pada saat saya membuat blog, lagi-lagi nama ini yang menjadi favorit saya, akhirnya nama ini jugalah yang saya jadikan nama brand untuk produk-produk saya.  

Ceritain, dong, tentang sejarah awal terbentuknya Toscaberries?
Toscaberries lahir begitu saja di suatu hari yang indah, ahahaha. Sebenarnya saya sudah lama menerima pesanan aksesori handmade, tetapi tidak dengan nama Toscaberries. tadinya membuat aksesori handmade bagi saya adalah hobi, sehingga saya tidak berpikir untuk memberi nama untuk produk saya, apalagi mempromosikannya. Nah, tahun-tahun belakangan ini saya banyak melakukan blog hopping kesana kemari, dan saya menjadi sangat termotivasi untuk mulai serius dengan hobi saya itu. Akhirnya saya memulai langkah pertama dengan memiliki sebuah blog dan dari blog Toscaberries inilah semua berjalan begitu saja hingga sekarang.
Produk-produk apa aja, nih, yang dibuat oleh Toscaberries?
Kebanyakan adalah aksesoris seputar kalung dan jepit rambut, untuk perempuan dewasa maupun perempuan-perempuan mini^^ tetapi ada juga produk lain seperti ring pillow dan clutch contohnya.

Apa yang ada di benak Mbak Regina ketika mendengar kata “handmade”?
Handmade… sesuatu yang dikerjakan secara personal, dengan berhati-hati, dengan harapan akan menghasilkan sesuatu yang indah dan unik sehingga akan dihargai sangat oleh si pemakainya, cieee:D

Cikitiw, hahaha. Oh ya, hal apa, sih, yang mendasari Toscaberries mau berterjun-terjun ria ke ranah craft sampai saat ini?
Ada banyak hal yang saya dapatkan sejak berterjun-terjun ria, hehehe, ada rasa bahagia dan ketagihan ketika mengetahui ada yang menyukai karya saya, ini sangat membuat saya ingin terus berkarya dan belajar. Teman saya juga bertambah banyak dan sebagian besar adalah para crafter hebat dari indonesia yang sangat menginspirasi.

Mbak regina sendiri ngeliat gerakan handmade lokal saat ini gimanakah?
Gerakan handmade lokal belakangan ini berkembang sangat pesat. Menurut saya perlu ada suatu wadah besar untuk menampung crafter indonesia, jadi semangat craftingnya bisa terus dijaga. Kalo saya perhatikan handmade hasil binaan-binaan daerah sudah sangat didukung pemerintah belakangan ini. Ada pameran rutin agar mereka bisa memperkenalkan produknya di luar maupun dalam negeri. Nah, tapi yang individual masih belum dilirik, nih…

Pengalaman apa yang paling berkesan yang pernah dialami Toscaberries selama aktif di dunia handmade?
Semua pengalaman berkesaaannnn^^ labil kalo disuruh milih yang “paling” hahaha.

Friday, October 7, 2011

watches for rafa's birthday

these are for rafa's friends, the boys only...^^
Happy birthday rafaaaa, big HUG, and may God bless you always dear... muach!


Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.
 -Steve Jobs-
may you rest in peace Mr. Jobs...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

bobbibow: colorful batik headband

enjoy bobbibow colorful batik headband^^ (made this before in other version..)
and the bows!!!^^

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

flowery frame clutch

It's my personal obsession to make a metal frame clutch and now it's done! yeay! I need so much time to correct the pattern here n there, and finally the result is as seen in the picture.
This obsession has long existed since I found beautiful frame clutch of oatmeal lace. I should say this one is far more better than my mini coin frame purse, beside of using one of my favorite fabric collection (It brings spring into me^^), I also used fusible interfacing this time... I add padding too (did I name it correctly?) to make it puffy.
now.. you must be wondering how I sew the thick sandwich of fabric and things:D this because I've got a real sewing machine!!
after having a mini machine for a while.. I thought I had dared to have a real sewing machine.., so I bought this Singer ^ ^ of course I'll keep using my mini for simple stitching, I love both of them.

Monday, September 12, 2011


well... its again mooncake festival... the moon festival is one of the most important traditional events for the Chinese. what is mooncake festival? you can read it here to know better^^
My mom ever told me, the moon festival is for togetherness, the round shape of the cake itself represent wholeness... that's why though I'm not a big fans of mooncake I still eat a bit to follow the tradition.
look at my pictures, the traditional mooncake is the left one, lotus seed paste inside with whole salted egg yolks in its center to symbolize the full moon. the right one is called snowskin mooncake. snowskins come in many flavours like taro, green tea, strawberry, durian, and... you named it!^^ I like snowskin better than traditional, because it is chewy and sometimes served cold.
so happy mooncake festival! bite and chew ur cake slowly to taste the sweetness and dont forget a cup of hot green tea *no sugar please^^

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

colourful shawlace and GENIE

shawlace is back^^ as I said before.. making one for you would be nice, and customade by request is my pleasure:) this girl, Indah, want me to make her a colorful shawlace so she can mix and match easily with her wardrobe.
Indah's shawlace is the white one, and the grey is one DIY project I made for tabloid GENIE... hmm.. yes... yes... I'm on Genie^^ it's about 2 weeks ago... *proud^^ *blushing^^
good afternoon and happy holiday to every indonesian, happy celebrating our independence day tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

posy medallion(s)

hi, how are you friends? I finally feel ready to post a longer story there...
I spent my last entire weekend at home because Ryu was having a high fever, it made me so worry, but felt better after taking him to the doctor. He slept a lot after that, and his mom turn out so productive since then^^

since the day I made my first posy medallion, I never thought that this recycle accesory will have lot of fans like today, so what I can say is only THANK YOU:)

posy medallion is a trash-accessory. it's made from upcyling unused caps.
-to be "all out" is not only about ourself, but also this earth-

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

clamshell stone necklace

it was months ago my friend gave me her broken blue braided belt. I agree that the belt were too good to be thrown away... but I can not fix it... so I think I better use the blue yarns to create something new, after some knots here and there, and put on the clamshell stone, here is my brand new blue necklace, taraaaa!!! *I forgot taking pic of the belt:(
so... this is my latest private collection, I think I'll remake if someone ask me to... but for now I'll keep my first piece as always^^

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

no. 14

a house number for a new house^^
no.. no.. not my new house if you thought so... it's my bestfriend's:) mine is still number 17^^

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

mini machine and a coin purse

hellowww, miss to make a new post sooo much, but really so much to do lately. will not talk too much here... just want to tell you all that I now own a mini sewing machine!!! cihiyyy!!! saw it first time at maelady, and I thought "oh this is what I want!", a beginner who really don't know how to sew:p and as mb Mae said this is really a very user friendly machine, love looove it!
this is my very first project, a mini coin purse, honestly... I need more time using sewing machine than if I hand sewed it, wakaka, but promise I'll learn more^^
and this is it!!!<3 cute!
and one more happiness!
Ryu's first day of school was last monday, he stepped into the class bravely, and waved say bye to me while following his teacher... hiks... oh sooooo proud of you, son!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

met my role models

one of reasons I came to pasar nova 2011 weeks ago was to meet them both, mb Tarlen n Puri^^ I was thinking to meet them personally in their own booth, but what happened was I found both of them behind Tobucil's booth, having a fun chat on a pink mat, and of course finally I sat down too and join them^^
and at the end... what i want to say is they are truly an inspiration!:)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

blossom brocade ring pillow

made specially for nina and bayu^^
usually I use ribbon to tie both of the rings... this time I did a trial using wire, and the result was very satisfying and of course more practical. I personally love the fabrics that I used, especially the color^^ and it was chosen by nina herself from the options that I brought.

so nina and bayu... wish your wedding be blessed ever after since the day (17.07.11) you put on the rings on your fingers^^ 

DIY fancy pot

it was last May DIY project for Nova. was a very experimental project for me because it was my first time doing flower arrangement:p
it was a very simple DIY project, you can change the pot with your unused tin, jar or anything, spray it in color you like, and stick some stickers on, and.. hopplaa! a new fancy pot! see the full tute here!

and also check my cable holder tutorial here, I will be very happy if you send me the result picture after you try your version^^

Friday, July 1, 2011

her name is Dian...

the owner of fancy pin:) few days ago she mailed me her beautiful pics applying toscaberries' fancy pin and Bobbibow on her jilbab^^ she's just pretty pretty pretttyyyyy!!!
thank you Dian for giving me such an idea and chance to try something I've never thought and made before^^ HUG!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

story of a favor...

ever mention before that my bestfriend will soon be a bride, and it happened already weeks ago... at june 4th. For me... such an unforgetable wedding... and for everybodies there at the holy ceremony I thought. It was not a glorious 'n splendid wedding, it was... hmmm... in one word "touching".

oke, now back to the topic, what I want to share there is what I've made for Lis and David. Be ready, this will be a long posting:p
first, is the ring pillow and the invitation, all in blue, the bride is a blue maniac and elephant lover, look closely to the printed things^^ and read the quote by the groom... oh sweettt!!! 're you melting when you read it?
the next thing I had made was the favor.. after thinking and changing plans, hehe:p finally decided to make box of choco balls, I bought the choco, but then re'wrapped them one by one using foil paper... fortunately it was a very simple wedding attended by relatives only^^
the third thing was a blessing tree. Lis sister made a call a week before Dday, she and the family wanted to surprise the couple, and after a long talk... we thought that a blessing tree would be perfect. what is blessing tree? it's a tree with fingerprints as it's leaves. I saw it the first time at 100layercake, and in love with the idea, taking the guestbook to the next level with “leaf” thumbprints on a giant poster, and you can hang it in your home after^^ nina help me making the tree illustration, thankyou nina! and look at the table, they're all by the sister and sister in law.
and last thing... here's the very happy couple! and look at the mini pretty girl too, she's Chloe, wearing bobbibow^^ the awesome pictures were taken by Kurnia Wijanto Photography.
Lizzie and David, I wish you both a very happy marriage, you really deserve all the blessings... ahiks! HUG! huaauuuwwww mao nangis lagih:p
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