Tuesday, April 26, 2011

cable holder

have I named the things correctly? or should I name it cable unifier? cable wrapper? hahaha whatever... look at this picture...
now you tell me what is that thing should be named!:p made it last nite, fabric, some stiches, and a button, and ur cable will look so tidy and neat, hmmm.. and sweet, no? kinda proud when it was finished, feel like inventing a very tiny but important thingy! I'll post the tute soon, promise:)

emm.. friends... you know what... I'm running out of rugs!!! huahuuuuuhuhuwwwww:'( if you have any unused rugs, pliz plizz plizzz send it to me, I'll treasure them!

weekend project: house number

and again house number... after tried the one from wood... and then from clay, and now... fabric... the clay one was broken...
I thought the lizards must be playing hide n seek around my house number, then they came to kind of hysteria, hit here n there, and number seven can not longer hold on to the hanger, it fell and hit the floor, huhuww... and yes! I do blame the lizards! I'll wait and see how long this fabric one will last:p

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

bobbibow: flower girl headband

when a wedding occur, it's not only about the bride... those lil' flower girls will first catch ur attention...:)

Monday, April 18, 2011


hey, happy monday everyone! look what I've got from vitarlenology!
mb tarlen absolutely a very neat and detail person! so lucky to win this, and double lucky coz I did hope that mb tarlen will send me this puppet one from the ten giveaway option^ ^ maaciy mb>:D<
when I showed to my husband, he gave me this brilliant idea to name it "Happy Book", and as its name, will be only happy things noted inside *may I have many!!! ameeen^ ^
and this is my notebook I'm using currently, to write down all the daily important things on because I'm a forgetful person... bills, schedule, ideas and lots:p

Friday, April 15, 2011

the princess castle

this was what I'd been busy about last couple weeks at the office, preparing this special insertion for princess magazine #57. had been thinking so soo sooo hard when making the tutorial of building the paper castle, and fiuhhh... finally, they're at the market now!
making the tute was so complex, and till today i'm still so worry if i didn't make it clear enough, so girls and moms, if you find any difficulties, you can write to me, i'm serious.
this is the princess castle final look, prepare your glue, folding here and there, gud luck!:)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

tulip wind chime

I wished so much to be one of the winner of Kreasi Cerah Menakjubkan by Catylac Dulux, but unfortunately not, ahiiikkkssss:p this wind chime is what I sent to compete.
do you know what makes me join this competition??? 5 winner will have a trip to netherland, along with 25 millon cash:D oh sooo tempting isn't it? the winners were announced yesterday, hemmnnn... I am actually very curious, their creation must be very awesome!!! congratulation to you all>:D<

Monday, April 4, 2011

miss match

special gift for Kinan's birthday^^
it's so soo important for girls to dress well, and with the right hair accessories would be perfect!
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