Tuesday, July 19, 2011

mini machine and a coin purse

hellowww, miss to make a new post sooo much, but really so much to do lately. will not talk too much here... just want to tell you all that I now own a mini sewing machine!!! cihiyyy!!! saw it first time at maelady, and I thought "oh this is what I want!", a beginner who really don't know how to sew:p and as mb Mae said this is really a very user friendly machine, love looove it!
this is my very first project, a mini coin purse, honestly... I need more time using sewing machine than if I hand sewed it, wakaka, but promise I'll learn more^^
and this is it!!!<3 cute!
and one more happiness!
Ryu's first day of school was last monday, he stepped into the class bravely, and waved say bye to me while following his teacher... hiks... oh sooooo proud of you, son!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

met my role models

one of reasons I came to pasar nova 2011 weeks ago was to meet them both, mb Tarlen n Puri^^ I was thinking to meet them personally in their own booth, but what happened was I found both of them behind Tobucil's booth, having a fun chat on a pink mat, and of course finally I sat down too and join them^^
and at the end... what i want to say is they are truly an inspiration!:)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

blossom brocade ring pillow

made specially for nina and bayu^^
usually I use ribbon to tie both of the rings... this time I did a trial using wire, and the result was very satisfying and of course more practical. I personally love the fabrics that I used, especially the color^^ and it was chosen by nina herself from the options that I brought.

so nina and bayu... wish your wedding be blessed ever after since the day (17.07.11) you put on the rings on your fingers^^ 

DIY fancy pot

it was last May DIY project for Nova. was a very experimental project for me because it was my first time doing flower arrangement:p
it was a very simple DIY project, you can change the pot with your unused tin, jar or anything, spray it in color you like, and stick some stickers on, and.. hopplaa! a new fancy pot! see the full tute here!

and also check my cable holder tutorial here, I will be very happy if you send me the result picture after you try your version^^

Friday, July 1, 2011

her name is Dian...

the owner of fancy pin:) few days ago she mailed me her beautiful pics applying toscaberries' fancy pin and Bobbibow on her jilbab^^ she's just pretty pretty pretttyyyyy!!!
thank you Dian for giving me such an idea and chance to try something I've never thought and made before^^ HUG!
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