Friday, March 2, 2012

cylinder pouch favor

heloww march! my special month!:) start with this special post on my blog. It was october when Dian email me asking if I do take orders for wedding souvenirs. my first question was the quantities... and dian asked for hundreds. shorten the story finally I do take the orders. 850 cylinder pouches finished and delivered in middle of february, fiuuhhh...
I didn't make them all by myself, my friend an owner of a mini sewing workshop and staffs help me make this project happen:) thank you so much Mr. Jim!!!
Dian and Yudha will have their big day tomorrow, congratulation to both of youuu! Toscaberries is so happy being part of your wedding day:)
oh, one more thing, I likey so much the thank you card and also Dian and Yudha's wedding invitation, and I just found out that the beautiful illustration was by cecilia hidayat! cecil is soooo talented!
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