Monday, December 17, 2012

sun visor batik tissue case

wew, quite a long title:p hello hellow, it is end of year count down, and I want to finish all of my orders, so I can have my holiday without burden^^ this one is really fresh from the oven, make it yesterday and feel so proud and glad to see the result^^ a toscaberrian *yes, this is how I named my toscaberries' friends, want me to make a tissue case, and spesificly she want to put it at the sun visor. and here are the pics.

I want to make a confession here. I need hours! to finish this tissue box, lol:p so difficult because I never make this before... I start with pattern, thinking of how it will be a user friendly tissue case, cutting the fabric, this and that... and the last thing, sewing! since I'm an amateur, now you know why it takes hours:p but all paid with the result, me so sooo happy! hope you likey ditta! HUG! (*thank you for waiting patiently)
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