Monday, January 31, 2011

weekend project: candle holder

yesterday I made this candle holder, it's an unused wire hanger before...  i used a pliers to get the shape, bending here and there, and.. hopplaaa!:) there's a special place to hang ornaments, which can be replaced in accordance with the occasions... hmm... i'm not so much celebrating the love day, i mean no special dinner or gifts or whatever sweet things, but... i love to see people's excitement welcoming feb, 14th, so... this time i hang a heart shape ornament made from felt, because soon we'll have valentines day:D

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

fortune cookies: chinese new year is round the corner

almost end of january, and soon i'll have my family all gathered to celebrate chinese nu year here in jakarta this year:) i'm not so much in celebrating chinese new year, but my parents still. we used to go hometown before, but since this year my bro and sis in law are expecting their first baby they're not going to take a flight, so mom and dad will arrived at 1st of feb.
so much to tell about how we celebrate chinese new year at our hometown, i'm gonna miss it this year... miss those baking days, preparing cookies and foods... also miss the smell... hmm... pineapple jam...^-^
what i have prepared is the red envelopes we call "ang pao", hehehe... bought them last saturday at the market:) and i also made some "fortune cookies", can't be eaten:p they're for fun only, of course with fortune telling inside, pssstt... i put in good fortune only *grin:D

there's two version, the first one is a very simple origami fortune cookies, you can see the tute here, and the second one is much bigger, filled with gold choco coins, yummnn! look at the coins! they're telling us this is year of rabbit:) i really try my best to cheer those kiddos:D I'll post the steps soon.

Monday, January 24, 2011

lid necklace's back

feel just like yesterday when i start collecting lids one by one... and now they pile up and it means i have to produce as soon as i can before they make themselves mountain of lids:)

the yellow one is from bebelac, a friend sent it to me:) pliz send me yours, because i'm so excited when they come in uncommon colors...

givethanks and giveaway!

give thanks first or giveaway first??? humnn... give thanks first:) want to give thanks to my rug suppliers, the first person is widi, she is the owner of lurv batik who has long thick hair, hope this time I made the right clip for her.. not like before which is too small:p
and then, i made a pincushion for mb amesh, hope there'll be more rugs from her, wakakaka:p the pincushion is the mini version of dreamesh square seater:)
and... look at the pinky pincushion with flower embroidery, yes, it's my lil' giveaway^_^ how to? easy... just leave a comment stating why you want this pincushion and become a follower or leave your email address so i can easily deliver the good news. my son will pick a winner randomly on jan, 30th. so.. gud luck!:) 

pincushion giveaway has closed yesterday jan, 30th ^_^ and the winner is... MOSHE!!! congratulation, i'll send it to you soon:)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

puncher and embosser

see my new treasure^_^ so happy!!! I did a lil'escape from office with friends there, went to Taman Anggrek Mall, straight to mothercare and ELC, they're SALE! very important for us, the mothers:p
after minutes looking here and there, I didn't find something for Ryu... but found something for myself:p 2 punchers and 2 embossers in one package, 40% discount, plus 10% more if you have HSBC's, and yeppieeyayyy, now they're with me, and bring so much fun:)

and at the end I did get something for Ryu, two coloring books from Gramedia Bookstore, and again with special price! cost idr 7.500 each! 32 coloring pages with big and fun pictures in there, horay!

Monday, January 10, 2011

bobbibow: personalized series

another experiment was nicely done... remember bobbibow fabric hairclip?  I made them personalized now! *wink!:p yours will never look the same with others, and this personalized hairclip is only a piece for each name, because I can not make them in pairs, tooo difficult to make it two and similar to each.
psst.. no more talk... pliz welcomeeeee... bobbibow personalized series!!! tadaaaaaaaa...
they're all 100% handmade, dedicated to your love one:) enjoy!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

the headbands

remember bobbibow baby shower collection? this is the full version, I mean this is how they look with the headband:) all ready to deliver now:D

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

bobbibow: miss candy

this all belong to a friend, all for her cute nieces, hope you like it lizzy! wait for the rest yah:)

red for happy n cheerfull...
baby purple for shy and smart...
fuschia for cute and playfull...
brown for outstanding and loud!:)
which is your fave?

note: if you like the candy hairclips, write to me:)

DIY: gift ornament

what to do:
• wrapping paper, roll them (pic.1)
• chocos, eat them.. yumm...:p take it's foil paper and crumble to balls (pic.2)
• ribbon, make a nice bow
• glued all of them on a small piece of paper, layer by layer (pic 3-6)

it was a very sudden idea, had to gift wrap for a friend, and got those chocos at the same time:) here it is, enjoy!;)

Monday, January 3, 2011

bobbibow: all white for shower day

my first post for this very new year^_^ hellow, how was ur new year eve? mine was filled with fireworks and trumpets.. trooooeeettttttt! there was a new year eve party with the neighbours in front of our house... we closed the street with a long table with foods and things:)  have no picture, it was nite and my one and only camera is not good for capturing in the dark:p
new year new spirit for crafting, here are white items for baby shower day from bobbibow:)
you can order them with clips or headband, if it is for baby under 12 months I suggest headband better:)
this one is a very nice hairpiece, with its xtra size it will make your baby looks sooo gorgeus! *wait till i get someone's baby for modelling this.
this one is not as big as before, it's a very simple white flower for a holy baptism day...

and here is the last picture, this one is not for baby, but for the baby's mommy... wakakka:) mommy has to look great also rite? a white caps necklace!
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