Monday, January 24, 2011

givethanks and giveaway!

give thanks first or giveaway first??? humnn... give thanks first:) want to give thanks to my rug suppliers, the first person is widi, she is the owner of lurv batik who has long thick hair, hope this time I made the right clip for her.. not like before which is too small:p
and then, i made a pincushion for mb amesh, hope there'll be more rugs from her, wakakaka:p the pincushion is the mini version of dreamesh square seater:)
and... look at the pinky pincushion with flower embroidery, yes, it's my lil' giveaway^_^ how to? easy... just leave a comment stating why you want this pincushion and become a follower or leave your email address so i can easily deliver the good news. my son will pick a winner randomly on jan, 30th. so.. gud luck!:) 

pincushion giveaway has closed yesterday jan, 30th ^_^ and the winner is... MOSHE!!! congratulation, i'll send it to you soon:)


  1. I want that pin cushion, coz.... I don't have any pin cushion!!! & too lazy (read: busy) to make one. Haha... The main reason is ofcourse coz your pin cushion is indeed very pretty... :)

  2. I want the pin cushion for my mom..
    I don't sew anything but my mon definitely still do some blankets :)

  3. Horrayyyyyyy!!!! My first win for giveaway... Thanks so so much Regina... :) Love you so much... kiss kiss hug hug...


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