Tuesday, August 16, 2011

colourful shawlace and GENIE

shawlace is back^^ as I said before.. making one for you would be nice, and customade by request is my pleasure:) this girl, Indah, want me to make her a colorful shawlace so she can mix and match easily with her wardrobe.
Indah's shawlace is the white one, and the grey is one DIY project I made for tabloid GENIE... hmm.. yes... yes... I'm on Genie^^ it's about 2 weeks ago... *proud^^ *blushing^^
good afternoon and happy holiday to every indonesian, happy celebrating our independence day tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

posy medallion(s)

hi, how are you friends? I finally feel ready to post a longer story there...
I spent my last entire weekend at home because Ryu was having a high fever, it made me so worry, but felt better after taking him to the doctor. He slept a lot after that, and his mom turn out so productive since then^^

since the day I made my first posy medallion, I never thought that this recycle accesory will have lot of fans like today, so what I can say is only THANK YOU:)

posy medallion is a trash-accessory. it's made from upcyling unused caps.
-to be "all out" is not only about ourself, but also this earth-

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

clamshell stone necklace

it was months ago my friend gave me her broken blue braided belt. I agree that the belt were too good to be thrown away... but I can not fix it... so I think I better use the blue yarns to create something new, after some knots here and there, and put on the clamshell stone, here is my brand new blue necklace, taraaaa!!! *I forgot taking pic of the belt:(
so... this is my latest private collection, I think I'll remake if someone ask me to... but for now I'll keep my first piece as always^^

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

no. 14

a house number for a new house^^
no.. no.. not my new house if you thought so... it's my bestfriend's:) mine is still number 17^^
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