Tuesday, November 15, 2011

one year old TOSCABERRIES!

it is so late in the afternoon to realize today is my blogversary! I prepare nothing for the birthday, but you know I love love love ya!^^ Happy birthday my dearest blog!!! send me gifts anyone??? ^lol^
here i share gift wrapping ideas from martha stewart, check it out!

Monday, November 14, 2011

weekend project: origami ring pillow

Lanis, a very good friend of me n husband, will get married next week. days ago she sent me over a piece of lurik fabric in a very juicy color, with her invitation too. the invitation which also a favor was gorgeous, designed and produced by Lanis herself. details written on the first page of a blank notebook, and it is beautifully covered with lurik fabric. very talented isn't she?^^
this was my first time working with lurik. this stripey fabric is quite uncommon for ring pillow, but so excited with this project. the stripes somehow give such formal, neat, and stiff effect, but that's the uniqueness of this fabric, so I decided to not make pleats or things that hide its character. I thought of something sweet and beautiful but has clear lines... and the answer was origami. fold n sew and hoppla! I was sooo satisfied with the final look, hope Lanis and Asaf too^^ we will be there at ur big day dear, HUGS!

note: if you're interested with lanis invitation, u can contact me to have her number^^

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

will be on DAAI tv - house and living

it was last month when Yane from DAAI contact me via facebook. asked if I mind to share posy medallion DIY at the House and Living program. I am actually very nervous with the request, but eventually I went into the studio last week for taping. 
I went there alone with the things, and picked up by a friendly driver from DAAI tv. shorten the stories, all goes well..., I was greatly helped by the presence of Tiara, the host, she made me forgot to nervous:)
and... my anxiety is not over, now I'm waiting for the tape to be aired, at november 13th or 20th... surely it will be weird seeing me myself up on the screen:p
Tiara, me and Yane^^ thanks both of you for this experience, BIG HUG!
and thank you soooo much to my box of posiesssss... you have made ​​me through many fun and surprising things^^

Thursday, November 3, 2011

info praktis NOVA

again, contribute for Nova, the latest special edition for idul adha, I make an apron this time, for 3-5 yo girls. This apron is hand sewed, so you can still make it though you dont have sewing machine^^
and I have this also! found it in my picture folder this morning.
I tried to remember why I did not post about this hijab pin. after seeing the date of issue, hmm ... must be because ryu's nanny were off for Eid al-Fitr day:) it was a coincidence I found this DIY project before Eid al-Adha day, happy eid al-adha to my friends who celebrate^^
If both tutorials are not clear enough, you can write to me for sure, I'll try my best to explain better.
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