Monday, November 14, 2011

weekend project: origami ring pillow

Lanis, a very good friend of me n husband, will get married next week. days ago she sent me over a piece of lurik fabric in a very juicy color, with her invitation too. the invitation which also a favor was gorgeous, designed and produced by Lanis herself. details written on the first page of a blank notebook, and it is beautifully covered with lurik fabric. very talented isn't she?^^
this was my first time working with lurik. this stripey fabric is quite uncommon for ring pillow, but so excited with this project. the stripes somehow give such formal, neat, and stiff effect, but that's the uniqueness of this fabric, so I decided to not make pleats or things that hide its character. I thought of something sweet and beautiful but has clear lines... and the answer was origami. fold n sew and hoppla! I was sooo satisfied with the final look, hope Lanis and Asaf too^^ we will be there at ur big day dear, HUGS!

note: if you're interested with lanis invitation, u can contact me to have her number^^

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