Tuesday, November 8, 2011

will be on DAAI tv - house and living

it was last month when Yane from DAAI contact me via facebook. asked if I mind to share posy medallion DIY at the House and Living program. I am actually very nervous with the request, but eventually I went into the studio last week for taping. 
I went there alone with the things, and picked up by a friendly driver from DAAI tv. shorten the stories, all goes well..., I was greatly helped by the presence of Tiara, the host, she made me forgot to nervous:)
and... my anxiety is not over, now I'm waiting for the tape to be aired, at november 13th or 20th... surely it will be weird seeing me myself up on the screen:p
Tiara, me and Yane^^ thanks both of you for this experience, BIG HUG!
and thank you soooo much to my box of posiesssss... you have made ​​me through many fun and surprising things^^


  1. BRAVO reginaaa! twit ya kapan tayangnyaa

  2. keren reeeeeee :* :* :*
    congratssssss!!!!! uda lama ga bersua ya.....

  3. Wow..baru buka blog elo lagi har...congratz.. :D

  4. Aduh sayang ketinggalan, gak liat deh. Di you tube ada gak ya?


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