Tuesday, June 28, 2011

story of a favor...

ever mention before that my bestfriend will soon be a bride, and it happened already weeks ago... at june 4th. For me... such an unforgetable wedding... and for everybodies there at the holy ceremony I thought. It was not a glorious 'n splendid wedding, it was... hmmm... in one word "touching".

oke, now back to the topic, what I want to share there is what I've made for Lis and David. Be ready, this will be a long posting:p
first, is the ring pillow and the invitation, all in blue, the bride is a blue maniac and elephant lover, look closely to the printed things^^ and read the quote by the groom... oh sweettt!!! 're you melting when you read it?
the next thing I had made was the favor.. after thinking and changing plans, hehe:p finally decided to make box of choco balls, I bought the choco, but then re'wrapped them one by one using foil paper... fortunately it was a very simple wedding attended by relatives only^^
the third thing was a blessing tree. Lis sister made a call a week before Dday, she and the family wanted to surprise the couple, and after a long talk... we thought that a blessing tree would be perfect. what is blessing tree? it's a tree with fingerprints as it's leaves. I saw it the first time at 100layercake, and in love with the idea, taking the guestbook to the next level with “leaf” thumbprints on a giant poster, and you can hang it in your home after^^ nina help me making the tree illustration, thankyou nina! and look at the table, they're all by the sister and sister in law.
and last thing... here's the very happy couple! and look at the mini pretty girl too, she's Chloe, wearing bobbibow^^ the awesome pictures were taken by Kurnia Wijanto Photography.
Lizzie and David, I wish you both a very happy marriage, you really deserve all the blessings... ahiks! HUG! huaauuuwwww mao nangis lagih:p

Monday, June 27, 2011

winner of june giveaway^^

as I've promised, today is june, 27th! and the giveaway winner is...... Belinda Regina, the myurbey girl! hey! u have the same name as mine, maybe that's why my son picked you! congratulation:)
and for those who don't win, there'll be other times... thankyu for all comments and anniversary wishes, it's a joy to read them all over n over, be still stick to your love one, happy monday! -xo-

Thursday, June 23, 2011

shawlace = shawl + necklace

new! actually not very new.. just have no time to take a good pic of it^^ its more into necklace than a shawl, but quite useful to warm your neck, this one is mine... but making one for you would be great^^

Monday, June 20, 2011

posy medallion

haiii, posy medallion is back. check picture, and write to me if you want to have one:)
also made this green triple posy^^
and want to remind you... its still a week time before I draw a winner for my giveaway, come on join n try your luck;) have a good day!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

fancy pin

one day a young girl named Dian sent me an email and requested me to make her some hairpieces to accesorize her jilbab. She asked me if I could help her to modified a simple pin to something nicer... and this what I've made... fancy pin! *yes, I'm just not so good in names:p
I also made a bit change to my bobbibow over, from clip to pin... just cant wait to see how she'll apply them all...^^ (send me ur pic ya Dian^^)

Friday, June 10, 2011

GIVEAWAY with love^ ^

hei everybody! tomorrow is my fifth wedding anniversary, so I want to share my joy... I think loving birdie is the best giveaway for this celebration... so I'll send one of my loving birdie to one lucky friend out there, come.. come.. come.. and try your luck!^^
please leave a comment stating why you want this loving birdie then become a follower or leave your email address so i can easily deliver the good news. my son will pick a winner randomly on june, 27th. good luck!:)

Monday, June 6, 2011

white n gold ring pillow

for Elsa's wedding..^^
Elsa will have her wedding at Batam, and she ordered this ring pillow 2 days before her left... I really had tried my best to make this look good and sweet, white n gold color is by Elsa's request and if you look closer... you'll see the gold beads I'd sewn around^^ *sorry to not have another pic:(
I wish you both happiness Elsa n Tanto, and you know what? ur wedding day will right be held at my fifth wedding anniversay day^^
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