Monday, May 23, 2011

loving birdie #2

present you the loving birdie! hang it at the place you stare the most, hope they'll always remind you to your love one!:*

ehm.. one more thing... I add bells, so you'll turn ur head to them for sure anytime it rings, and dont forget to smile... it's good, rite?^^


  1. NICE.... but don't forget sent a lot of this birdie for ur aunt ya... you know where I will hang its, don't you ?? ^____^

  2. Hi

    They are so beautifully designed, I love the color and the idea of two of them together and the bells, are they on the ice-cream sticks frames??? I might be wrong. The fabrics you used are so beautiful, keep making things dear I love to see them. xx

  3. @auntie: okeh dech!
    @chongkol: yes! they're definitely coloured ice cream sticks:D sooo glad you like them>:D< kisses for Athi:)

  4. ah dita, kamu juga pasti bisa:)

  5. Bagus bgt birdie-nya mbak?
    kalo ga salah, tutorial birdie ini dimuat di Nova terbaru jg kan? (ga yakin.. krn kmrn cuma nebeng baca ^_^)


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