Tuesday, February 22, 2011

hubby's day

it's his birthday today:) bought his gift last week, one of the best gift I ever chose for him. it's a laptop bag from samsonite. his old one is in very poor condition, holes everywhere, I know how much he loves his old ones, accompany him for years, going everywhere... but this should be a perfect day for farewell... dear hubby.. u must be in love with this new one, it's adjustable!:) my hubby has two laptop, one's his own, and one from the office is bigger.
wrapped it quickly this morning while he was showering, it's a big and simple gift wrap... supposed to be done last nite, but I fell asleep:p

so.. happy birthday my dearest hubby, LUV you!:*

Monday, February 21, 2011

weekend project: mobile birdie

plan to make this posting early in this monday morning, but... hahahaha.. too much to tell:) here I'll tell you about my new hanging mobile bird. I found them via iDiY, oh sooo in love! you can download the bird pattern for free at spool. at first I planned to make some birds, I mean.. not only four birds... wakakaka... when I was making the third, impatience came to me... but I was proud of myself to finish the third and making the fourth:p
when the birds were done, I was thinking so hard where the birds will roost, I think of branches... cages... and the last was circles... and circles were the easiest to make:) they are from lids, yes, you know I have lots, thanks to sustagen junior, hahaha:p cut the center and wrapped with rug... not bad rite? *wink;)

Friday, February 18, 2011

DIY: candle holder

Hi, everyone...:) feel not being so active in blogging these days... I have my lots of works undone here in my office after my off last weekend, but beside of the works... these days lately were filled with friends around, with their ups and downs, and I do hope so much for happy ending to each of their problems.. and of course to mine also...*praying
here is my candle holder on Nova for valentine edition, as usual I zoom in the tutorial:)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

new rugs

most of my new rugs are batik, they have such pretty n bright colors. I have ideas in my head, but less time... so be patient... i'll make them into something slowly. posy medallions for now. enjoy!

Friday, February 11, 2011

here they are!

all's here! my prizes! rabbit pouch from Jane, and a black dress from Fiona:)
ps. the set of earrings and bracelet was made by myself years ago, yes they're toscaberries, my fave collection! I'll wear my new black dress with them^_^

Thursday, February 10, 2011

C is for Cute Crochet Chickens

dropped by my bestfriend days ago, hand crochet by her mom... really have zero idea about the process, can't imagine how the yarn turned to those cuties, teach me plizzz auntieee... plizzz *begging:p thankyu ya tante!!! HUG!
btw, my bestfriend, martha, is a very talented photographer, see her porto here.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

and again

seems this personalized series is bobbibow best seller so far.
these belong to my boss, enjoy madame boss!:p

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

lucky me...^_^

yesterday was end of January and there are things that make me feel so blessed. The first thing is about the nanny. I just get a new nanny for Ryu that meet my expectation, an old nanny who loves to cook, yumm! promise myself to learn more recipes from her...
The second is the emails I received yesterday... so surprised!
winning two giveaways on the same day, thanks to Jane and Fiona, red rabbit zip pouch and a button up black dress!!! can't hardly wait, I'm sure I will do more rabbit jumps after receiving:p
and the last! my fortune cookies was featured on nova, * really touched:p
well, that's all the good news, I'll take my off starting tomorrow, and go back office the next monday, so happy lunar new year to you all! HUG! oh... and one more thing, I zoom the fortune cookies tutorial in, enjoy!

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