Tuesday, February 22, 2011

hubby's day

it's his birthday today:) bought his gift last week, one of the best gift I ever chose for him. it's a laptop bag from samsonite. his old one is in very poor condition, holes everywhere, I know how much he loves his old ones, accompany him for years, going everywhere... but this should be a perfect day for farewell... dear hubby.. u must be in love with this new one, it's adjustable!:) my hubby has two laptop, one's his own, and one from the office is bigger.
wrapped it quickly this morning while he was showering, it's a big and simple gift wrap... supposed to be done last nite, but I fell asleep:p

so.. happy birthday my dearest hubby, LUV you!:*


  1. Halo Regina toscaberries, salam kenal dr Surabaya :)

    Ngomong2 soal tas merk Samsonite, aku dan suami pun punya kenangan khusus ttg merk itu, hehehe... Coba baca disini deh :


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