Tuesday, February 1, 2011

lucky me...^_^

yesterday was end of January and there are things that make me feel so blessed. The first thing is about the nanny. I just get a new nanny for Ryu that meet my expectation, an old nanny who loves to cook, yumm! promise myself to learn more recipes from her...
The second is the emails I received yesterday... so surprised!
winning two giveaways on the same day, thanks to Jane and Fiona, red rabbit zip pouch and a button up black dress!!! can't hardly wait, I'm sure I will do more rabbit jumps after receiving:p
and the last! my fortune cookies was featured on nova, * really touched:p
well, that's all the good news, I'll take my off starting tomorrow, and go back office the next monday, so happy lunar new year to you all! HUG! oh... and one more thing, I zoom the fortune cookies tutorial in, enjoy!


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