Tuesday, January 25, 2011

fortune cookies: chinese new year is round the corner

almost end of january, and soon i'll have my family all gathered to celebrate chinese nu year here in jakarta this year:) i'm not so much in celebrating chinese new year, but my parents still. we used to go hometown before, but since this year my bro and sis in law are expecting their first baby they're not going to take a flight, so mom and dad will arrived at 1st of feb.
so much to tell about how we celebrate chinese new year at our hometown, i'm gonna miss it this year... miss those baking days, preparing cookies and foods... also miss the smell... hmm... pineapple jam...^-^
what i have prepared is the red envelopes we call "ang pao", hehehe... bought them last saturday at the market:) and i also made some "fortune cookies", can't be eaten:p they're for fun only, of course with fortune telling inside, pssstt... i put in good fortune only *grin:D

there's two version, the first one is a very simple origami fortune cookies, you can see the tute here, and the second one is much bigger, filled with gold choco coins, yummnn! look at the coins! they're telling us this is year of rabbit:) i really try my best to cheer those kiddos:D I'll post the steps soon.

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