Friday, April 15, 2011

the princess castle

this was what I'd been busy about last couple weeks at the office, preparing this special insertion for princess magazine #57. had been thinking so soo sooo hard when making the tutorial of building the paper castle, and fiuhhh... finally, they're at the market now!
making the tute was so complex, and till today i'm still so worry if i didn't make it clear enough, so girls and moms, if you find any difficulties, you can write to me, i'm serious.
this is the princess castle final look, prepare your glue, folding here and there, gud luck!:)


  1. Wow... I have to buy this edition... :)

  2. It is so pretty, I love to have one!!

  3. aduuuh keren bgtttt!! ini majalah apa siii?? its a good activity for kids ya,..
    r u graphic designer or something similar?? peluk2 gue motion graphic Re...

  4. gue perhatiin lg,...detail yaaa... pe er bgt ni bikinnya hihi,..keren keren!!!

  5. How stupid I just found this blog. what a creative genius u to realize all in of your head. Introduce me Nilna, crafter and designer at my papercrafts nilnac : Nilna Crafts. (check in my site www(dot)nilnac(dot)com for share) Delighted to get more inspiration from this blog. Especially for papercraft creations. How can you make it real this beautiful Regina.. love ur works


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