Tuesday, April 26, 2011

cable holder

have I named the things correctly? or should I name it cable unifier? cable wrapper? hahaha whatever... look at this picture...
now you tell me what is that thing should be named!:p made it last nite, fabric, some stiches, and a button, and ur cable will look so tidy and neat, hmmm.. and sweet, no? kinda proud when it was finished, feel like inventing a very tiny but important thingy! I'll post the tute soon, promise:)

emm.. friends... you know what... I'm running out of rugs!!! huahuuuuuhuhuwwwww:'( if you have any unused rugs, pliz plizz plizzz send it to me, I'll treasure them!


  1. yeyy..its very cute indeed....:) i am so proud of u. oiya, pls check my blog..i used ur necklace as my photo shoot props...hihi,

  2. You are an inventor indeed, it is a good way to use up your small pieces of fabrics as well. Be proud of yourself dear.

  3. ahhh thankyu for ur support friends! so happy!!:)


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