Friday, January 27, 2012

of being a winner...

haiii! finally... my first post in this new year!:p this is not related to craft thing, this is about me! the first winneeeeer!!! I won the first prize of Gramedia Majalah Blog Award 2011!!!
it was 3 months ago when my office held the competition, and I didn't want to join at first because I think my blog is a craft blog, how could I compete with those journalist blog, but... hmm... why not??? then I sent the form:) I have to write on the form the reason why I deserve to be the winner, and I write a lot about passion.
the announcement happened last thursday, and still the same excitement everytime i remember the moment, I shouted loudly "it is toscaberries!" when I saw my blog on the screen while the host declare the best blog, I was holding my friend's hand, and almost jumping... hahaha, people there turning to me, and I was very sure my cheek blushing sooo much!:p
I still cant believe it... but I'm very excited with all the feelings inside!!! it is a very unforgetable moment for myself, and maybe will not happen for the second times, so let me feel deeply this euphoria:p

when i'm back to my cubicle that day, my lovely office mates welcome me with confetti, and they were dancing in their mask while yelling happily, thankyu sistas, you're all cute, wakakaka 'lol'
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