Monday, January 31, 2011

weekend project: candle holder

yesterday I made this candle holder, it's an unused wire hanger before...  i used a pliers to get the shape, bending here and there, and.. hopplaaa!:) there's a special place to hang ornaments, which can be replaced in accordance with the occasions... hmm... i'm not so much celebrating the love day, i mean no special dinner or gifts or whatever sweet things, but... i love to see people's excitement welcoming feb, 14th, so... this time i hang a heart shape ornament made from felt, because soon we'll have valentines day:D


  1. Congratulations on winning Jane's pouch! Popped over from Janes blog and really love your crafts! Happy crafting!

  2. hi kylie, thankyu for popping over:)

  3. i have some unused wire hangers!
    make me something else rather than the valentine candle holders? plis plis? :D

  4. mari mari kesinikan miss thinkerbelle, mungkin akan kubuatkan tempat gantung aksesorismu yang buanyak ituh:)


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