Monday, January 3, 2011

bobbibow: all white for shower day

my first post for this very new year^_^ hellow, how was ur new year eve? mine was filled with fireworks and trumpets.. trooooeeettttttt! there was a new year eve party with the neighbours in front of our house... we closed the street with a long table with foods and things:)  have no picture, it was nite and my one and only camera is not good for capturing in the dark:p
new year new spirit for crafting, here are white items for baby shower day from bobbibow:)
you can order them with clips or headband, if it is for baby under 12 months I suggest headband better:)
this one is a very nice hairpiece, with its xtra size it will make your baby looks sooo gorgeus! *wait till i get someone's baby for modelling this.
this one is not as big as before, it's a very simple white flower for a holy baptism day...

and here is the last picture, this one is not for baby, but for the baby's mommy... wakakka:) mommy has to look great also rite? a white caps necklace!

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