Monday, June 20, 2011

posy medallion

haiii, posy medallion is back. check picture, and write to me if you want to have one:)
also made this green triple posy^^
and want to remind you... its still a week time before I draw a winner for my giveaway, come on join n try your luck;) have a good day!


  1. mba, ini bahan dalamnya apa ya?
    hehe.. penasaran aja.

  2. ada tutup botol dan galon di dalam mb fitria:)

  3. sudah berbulan-bulan aku mengumpulan tutup galon, thanks to you regina :) tp blm ada keberanian untuk mengolahnya mjd sesuatu yg cantik. btw, kalo one day aku buat&jual posy medallion jg, gpp kah? maksudku, kan ide-nya kudapat dari toscaberries :)


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