Wednesday, July 13, 2011

met my role models

one of reasons I came to pasar nova 2011 weeks ago was to meet them both, mb Tarlen n Puri^^ I was thinking to meet them personally in their own booth, but what happened was I found both of them behind Tobucil's booth, having a fun chat on a pink mat, and of course finally I sat down too and join them^^
and at the end... what i want to say is they are truly an inspiration!:)


  1. senang yaa bertemu role model seperti mereka ^_^ siapa tau kapan2 kita juga bisa ketemu..senang juga sm karyanya mba regina ;)

  2. duh duh.. jadi tersipu malu, senang banget bisa ketemu langsung kapan-kapan kalo pada ke bandung mampir ya ke tobucil.. :)


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