Tuesday, July 5, 2011

blossom brocade ring pillow

made specially for nina and bayu^^
usually I use ribbon to tie both of the rings... this time I did a trial using wire, and the result was very satisfying and of course more practical. I personally love the fabrics that I used, especially the color^^ and it was chosen by nina herself from the options that I brought.

so nina and bayu... wish your wedding be blessed ever after since the day (17.07.11) you put on the rings on your fingers^^ 


  1. aahhhh ciciiiiiii *usapusapairmata* *terharu* makasiiiiiihhh :D :D :D *bighugs*

  2. hihihiii, kayaknya ga bisa hadir pas akad, tapi I'll be there di resepsi!^^


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