Wednesday, September 14, 2011

flowery frame clutch

It's my personal obsession to make a metal frame clutch and now it's done! yeay! I need so much time to correct the pattern here n there, and finally the result is as seen in the picture.
This obsession has long existed since I found beautiful frame clutch of oatmeal lace. I should say this one is far more better than my mini coin frame purse, beside of using one of my favorite fabric collection (It brings spring into me^^), I also used fusible interfacing this time... I add padding too (did I name it correctly?) to make it puffy.
now.. you must be wondering how I sew the thick sandwich of fabric and things:D this because I've got a real sewing machine!!
after having a mini machine for a while.. I thought I had dared to have a real sewing machine.., so I bought this Singer ^ ^ of course I'll keep using my mini for simple stitching, I love both of them.


  1. The padding did the trick. I usually use fusible fleece but they're expensive! Congrats on your first big sewing machine. I'm on my 4th.

  2. lol, thankyou for stopping by here jane^^ I'll back to your blog often to get more tute and tips:)

  3. hwaaa, lucu n bagus banget clutchnya mba re... >,<
    Senangnya punya mesin jahit baruu, happy sewing ya mba... :D

  4. uwww...keren deh clutchnya^.^..hebat deh project pertamanya pake mesin jahit udah bisa bkin clutch keren gtu..*kepingin bisa buat juga>.<, ada tutorialnya nggak mba..hehe. salam kenal ya mba regina :)

  5. aaa... corak kainnya cantik banget mba..

  6. @dhini: dhin, nanti kalo aku dah jago yaaaa... kalo sekarang masi malu bikin tutorial... masi pakai ilmu "yang penting jadi" ey.. wakakaka:p

    @mb fitria: iyaaa cantik ya mbaa^^

  7. Selamat atas kehadiran anggota keluarga baru... si mesin jahit... :)

    BTW, paketnya kemaren udah diterima ya... love them all, gak sabar dipakenya... Thanks... u r the best!


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