Wednesday, December 22, 2010

plastic caps collector

never imagine I'll know someone else collect plastic caps and other plastics as i do till i found karen barbe via decor8. she's an amazing textile designer with great works, and what makes me more excited about her is knowing that she did crafty things from bottle caps she has been collecting.
I'm sooo surprised this morning find out that karen had visited back my blog, and left a comment there:) she shared how she has been inspired by the people in africa, they're making pins and other things from recycled plastic.
I know... now you agree with me that she's amazing^_^ I'm so inspired after seeing those pins, have to explore more to make better my recycle lids necklace, I hope I have enough supplies for trial...


  1. kuerrrreeeeennnnnn....!!!

    congrats for the stylish blogger award too!!

  2. btw, i have collected so many caps for you, almost 20 during my holiday trip. hmmmm so wasting the bottles :(

  3. wuah...sangat menginspirasi,,kereen mbak !!

  4. @ lis: mana sini serahkan! wakakakkaka:p
    @ mb sari: iya keren yah.... suka:D


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