Wednesday, December 8, 2010

about birthday

ughhh... u know what... today is my son's BIRTHDAY!!! and this mamma hasn't prepared anything for her beloved ryu... huhuwwww... at least I know what to present to ryu, I'll buy it on the way home. yes, I have to office today after my off monday, really thank God yesterday was holiday. so.. I'll post about ryu's birthday later... tomorow maybe...

birthday is so related to gifts, and last saturday ryu was invited to a friend's daughter 1st birthday celebration. ryu went to the party with his daddy, because they didn't come hometown with me, the ticket was sold out. in a rush of going, the gift need to be wrapped! it's a very cute purple dress inside:)
I used this baby pink fancy paper, lace tape, ribbon, teddy bear in stripey purple, and look! next time I'll give the step by step how to make a pyramid shape present:)

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