Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ryu's day

soooo, here's the story about ryu's day. I and husband came home early that day, picked ryu up, and went to summarecon mall serpong (sms), it's about 5 minutes only from home, but by car, not walking:p sms is a small family mall.when we arrived, first thing to do was buying a cake, ryu chose a mini strawberry cheese cake at miki ojisan no mise. it's cute^_^ then we went to sagoo, after pick our favorite menus, i prepared the cake and the candles for ryu to blow, he even started to blow when i light up the first candle, hihihiii:D from sagoo we went to petra, a toys store, ryu was so in rush to go home after we bought thomas the tank engine. yes, that's the gift he wished for:)

it was a very simple and standard celebration, but three of us were very happy at the day.
note: but never standard and simple feeling for you son! you are our everything, so so soooo special!!! we love you:)

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