Thursday, December 16, 2010

pyramid shape gift tutorial

while preparing some hampers order for this christmas, i think about my own "hampers" for families and friends. my own christmas greeting:) This is what i'll make, a "bacang" (i thought it looks like bacang better than a pyramid) filled with ferero rocher, yummmm! last time i promise to share the pyramid shape tutorial, so here it is.

you only need paper (wrapping paper or fancy paper), thread or ribbon, and tape. cut your paper in size 25x12 cm, and then do the steps as in the picture. i'm not good in words, so i hope the picture is clear enough:p write to me if you want to ask;)
psst... the point is, glued bottoms in the opposite side to get the shape, one horizontal and one vertical, and yes! you got it!


  1. Simple but cute!!!

    BTW, aku ada award buat mamanya Ryu ya... bisa dilihat di sini:

    Please accept... :D

  2. thankyu ya mbaaaa... senang sekali akuuu>:D<


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