Wednesday, December 1, 2010

finally it's a BOY thing!

ryu: "mom, what re u gonna make today?"
mom: "a necklace ryu, it's for auntie devi"
ryu: "owww... a necklace yah?" *continue playing

each time creating and making things, I thought why they can not be used by ryu, they're all mostly girl's things. flower, bow, necklace, oww... :( so sorry to ryu because of my less interest in boy's accessories.
after making devi's sustagen necklace yesterday, I browsed for something to make for my boy. and I found this watches via made, they're really adorable, looks so sporty and kewl!

those watches are from felt, and I don't have much choice with my felt collection, and again... they're mostly in pink and soft colour:p reason why I finally used jeans fabric for ryu's watch.

ryu is soo hepiiiyyyy with his new watch! last nite he brought it to bed, owww mom's so happy tooooo ryu:D


  1. awwww kereeeeennnn.... mauuuuu.... :D

    ah banyak yg pengen kupesen sama kamu har, harus kutimbang2 neh...


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