Monday, November 22, 2010


the old saying, "one person's trash is another person's treasure", but I'll begin with my own trash. My son's milk is sustagen junior from mead johnsons. the lid is plastic in white color, it's quite easy to cut into shape. and hopplaaaa.. trallaaaaa! a necklace!! I wear it to office today:) hopefully someday I can use the whole part of the milk can, need more material knowledge:D

for now, let me explore unused lids, would you send me yours? whatever plastic lids you have, better come in colors, such yellow from chil kid, purple from pediasure, orange from bebelac:D


  1. you can wrap up the tin cans with rugs or fancy papers n turn em into supply containers :)

  2. iyaaa udah pernah coba lois, tapi blom terlalu memuaskan:D *blom ahli rupanya:p


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