Monday, November 29, 2010

wohooo... rubber stamps!

rubber stamps project is done! made it just now with nina, she did the snowflake, I crafted the tree:) don't have ribbon at my office, so we try on piece of paper, take a look!:D quite well for beginner rite?? hihihi:p stamp! stamp! stamp! ribbon, wrapping paper, here i come:D

get to try it on fabric next time, with other color... hmmm... is this the same method how to make "batik cap"?


  1. Lucu... Prefect for christmas present wrapping...

  2. iya mb nindya, lagi semangat natal banget, hihihi:P

  3. @nina: nince bikin snow man yaaaa... gue... kaos kaki aja.. wakakkaka yang gampang:P


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