Friday, November 26, 2010

all I want for xmas...

almost december, and its christmas time:) I hope this year my family will have a good christmas. Last year was bad, ryu's nanny ran away from my home, and it made me and my husband had to have christmas time without ryu, because we sent him to stay with my mom which lived so far away from here...
last night I took out my box of xmas ornaments from the storage, so happy to see those green n red things:) I want a chrismas tree so bad... and maybe still not to buy it this year for some reason... so I think I'll make a simple tree myself, no idea yet... maybe later, or you have ideas to share?:)

Else I want for christmas is gifts!!! i love gifts!

I found this via creaturecomforts, look at the cute ribbons, there's eraser stamp tutorial at her blog, and I plan to try, wish me luck:D


  1. hai mbak.. salam kenal :)
    aku juga sukaaa bgt christmas.. malah workshopku udah aku hias2 hihi.. kecepetan sih, tp gpp lah.. hehe :D
    pas natalan kita kumpulin tmn2 yuk buat tuker kado sesama crafter, pasti seru :)


  2. @ puri: mauuu... aku ikuttttt! aku jg suka natallll:D gpp, rumahku jg sudah dihias, toss dulu kita.. hihihi:P


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