Tuesday, November 23, 2010

caps capture

 still about trashion accessories, I'll tell you how to make a necklace from plastic bottle cap:)
what you need for this project:
• 3 caps (I use AQUA's, you can use another)
• chain, the lenght is up to you
• fabric... or rug is better, coz we're in recycle project:D
• beads or button

how to:
1. wrap the bottle cap with your rug, cover the whole part of the cap, do the same to the rest. (picture 2)
2. put some beads inside the wrapped bottle caps with glue. (picture 3)
3. sew the caps in the position you like, and give it a chain, and...? done!:)


  1. So happy to find you use plastic caps in your accessories. Hope you keep exploring that idea.

    Some time ago I found some people in Africa were making pins and other things with recycled plastics I've been inspired by those since then. See here

    Happy holidays!

  2. cantik banget mbak, boleh ikutan coba nggak ya? :))

    -Lois, stroberiHITAM

  3. Bagus sekali, sis! Aku udah ikutan bikin satu yg kayak gini. Jadinya kayak yg di sini.Tapi tetep lebih cantik punya mbak Regina.


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