Thursday, January 29, 2015

my new crush at this new year

hey its already 2015, ooops and end of january already!!! how time flies...
my life after my resignation is even busier than before, sometimes i even forgot what day's today.... but again i say i'm happy:)

I still did a lot of handmade orders while cooking, layouting, picking up from school, going grocery store, and bla bla bla home works... lol:)) lately I just make an instagram account, so i can make a quick update if i dont have time to make a post at blogger:) you can find me or kindly follow @toscaberries

I want to tell you about the new crush... It was last november i passed by the craft store nearby... they have beads, the looming tools, wire... thread... and what i interested most was the bead loom! I kept telling myself not to buy the bead loom, and decided to go home without it. But unfortunately i hold no longer, i just bought it last week, and already finished my first project:)

I used three colors of miyuki beads, gold, cobalt, and slate blue, and also made the pattern myself. one other reason for this liking is i can explore the pattern... thought I can get so many inspiration from the famous Indonesian native weaving pattern... cant wait to begin my second project and more:)

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