Monday, March 7, 2011


being 30 something... describing what I feel now in one word is... GRATEFUL. thank you Lord, families, and friends and all so much for being around me these years... thank youuu!
look! this is a wedding favor actually... my bestfriend soon will walk the isle... she gave me this duty to take care of her wedding favor and this is my first trial making a wedding favor... a scented wedding favor! I use blue marine potpourri, smell so good... seashore... saltwater... so fresh! since this is the first piece and made at the night of my day, I felt the need to write on that only word came to mind, so I put it at the back... once again... i'm g.r.a.t.e.f.u.l...:)


  1. Hi, salam kenal ya Regina. Potpouri ini cantik sekali.

  2. halow mb pingkan, salam kenal juga:) makasi ya udah mampir di toscaberries^^


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