Tuesday, August 27, 2013

for going metallica...

yes this is quite a weird post today... but it is my handmade, so i have to post it of course^^
a handmade metallica t-shirt! ok, try to write short, it was my husband and my bestie want me to make them t-shirt for metallica live in jakarta last 25th august. I decided to make the design and print it on t-shirt by direct to garment method. the one for my husband was well printed on the tee... but not with my friend's:( I was so upset when I saw the t-shirt... I think the machine can not read transparancy or... hmm... I just don't know...

see? it is bad... agree? I decided to make another t-shirt for my friend because wearing this one would be so embarrassing.

I hand stitched a metallica logo on canvas first before I stitched it to the tee, I thought it was the simplest I could do in one night time.

and I'm so glad she's happy with it^^

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